Delivering Lingerie
When I was in my late teens and still living at home with my parents, I regularly had to help my mother with delivering orders from her business. At that time, my mother was an Ann Summers agent and held naughty knicker parties either at our home or at that of a lady or ladies who wanted a party. During each party my mother would demonstrate various sex aids and sexy lingerie which the partygoers would order for a later delivery. That’s where I came in. The orders from each party would be sent off to the distribution centre the day after the party. The goods would then arrive at our house a few days later for me to deliver to the buyers, all women of course. I loved delivering the goods, as I knew what was in each package.The look on the faces of the recipient was that of either shock or embarrassment, especially when they saw it was delivered by me and not my mother. I often tried to picture in my mind what the lady would look like in the outfit she had ordered or lying naked with a big dildo stuck between her legs. I had been doing this for about six to nine months when the delivery process became much more interesting. My mother normally just handed me a big box of packages, I then checked through them and worked out the best route to deliver them in the minimum amount of time. In one batch of packages, I spotted one for my mum’s best friend. I shall call her Carol; she was a few years younger than my mum and drop-dead gorgeous. Carol was thirty, married with three young children and lived in a small village a few miles from our home. Carol had a great figure and was into keeping fit in a big way; she looked more like a teenager, though, with her looks and figure. I had lusted over Carol for years and loved it when she visited my mother, as she normally wore tight-fitting leisure gear that showed off her amazing, perfect figure. Carol was always either on her way to or returning from the gym and no one would believe she had had three children. I planned my route so that I arrived at Carol’s house mid-afternoon when the children would be with the childminder and her husband would be at work. I knew that this would
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be the best time to see Carol, as she would be arriving home from the gym at this time and would look really hot. I grabbed a shower before I went out and as it was really hot and sunny I wore just some shorts and a tight-fitting vest. I completed all the other deliveries before arriving at Carol’s house. I was right in my assumptions as she had arrived home just a few minutes earlier from a session at the gym. Carol answered the door and invited me in without really knowing why I was there, although the parcel in my hands probably gave the game away. Carol was wearing a multi-coloured leotard that showed off her cleavage and footless tights that highlighted her amazing legs. Carol was sweating and beads of sweat were running down her chest into her cleavage, to where my attention was drawn. Carol said, “Oh, I am up here, not down there,” when she spotted me looking at her tits. I said, “Sorry, Carol, my mind was elsewhere.” She said, “That’s obvious! Are you in a hurry, as I need a shower?” I said, “No, not really. Need any help?” She replied, “Cheeky, no, I don’t but thanks for asking. Give me a good ten minutes and I will make you a drink.” She went on to say, “Hey, is that my Ann Summers stuff from your mother?” I said, “Yes,” then handed her the parcel which was the biggest of all I had delivered. I knew the contents included sexy lingerie, dildos, oils and lotions. I had looked in the Ann summers catalogue the night before I knew I was delivering to Carol and wondered what she would look like in the lingerie she had purchased. I sat on the sofa in her lounge, waiting for Carol to finish her shower, when she appeared wearing a big fluffy robe, black seamed stockings and smart heels. Carol made us both some really cold smoothies and handed me one as she sat down opposite me. When she sat down her robe parted and I could clearly see she was wearing one of the black thongs from the order. Carol did little to cover up and I could clearly see her white thighs at the top of her lacy-topped stockings and her pubic hair through the transparent panties. We sat and chatted but I could not take my eyes off her sexy legs and pussy.  Once again,
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Carol said to me, “Oh, I am up here, not between my legs,” as she pulled the robe closed, hiding her panties from my view. I was sweating, very nervous and excited; my cock had also swelled in my shorts appreciating the view I had. I just said, “I am sorry, but you do look amazing.” Carol said, “Thanks, so do you think Richard will like my new outfit?” With that she stood up and opened the robe fully. She was only wearing a peephole bra beneath it and her dark nipples pointed directly at me through the holes, plus the tiny thong. Carol looked like a model from one of my mags, but in person and just a few feet away from me. I stammered and said, “Wow, he would be mad if he didn’t.” Carol closed the robe as quickly as she had opened it and the view was gone. Carol said,” Thanks for your opinions, but I will have to ask you to go as Richard will be home soon.” I got up and went to leave. That was when Carol gave me a piece of paper with her mobile phone number written on it. She said, ”When the rest of my order arrives, give me a call and you can give me your help again.” I had no idea what she meant but was excited at the thought she might show me some more of her lingerie, preferably with her wearing it. About a week later my mother handed me a new batch of deliveries and amongst them was Carol’s order. I sorted them out in an order where I could arrive at Carol’s house last; I also sent Carol a text message advising her of her impending delivery. I was surprised to get a reply straight away asking if I would deliver the goods at nine-thirty the following morning, as the children would be with the childminder and Richard at work. I replied straight away with a “Yes.” I put off the other deliveries until the following day. I then checked what goodies Carol had ordered this time and found that she had ordered some men’s gimmick thongs and some very sexy lingerie, including a red basque and chocolate body paint. I could hardly sleep with anticipation and was wide awake by seven so showered and dressed, ready to drive to Carol’s house which took about twenty minutes. It was another really hot day
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so I was only wearing some shorts and a polo shirt and really hoping Carol would be wearing less than that. I sped over to her house and actually saw Richard driving in the opposite direction; we acknowledged each other as we passed with a polite wave. I arrived at Carol’s isolated cottage not knowing what to expect but just hoping to see more of her fantastic body. I was not to be disappointed, as she opened the door wearing her big fluffy white robe again, black silky stockings and pink fluffy bedroom slippers. Her ample breasts looked amazing and her legs so long and slender. She just said, “Come on in. I need to see what you have for me.” I passed her the parcel and we went through to the lounge. She ripped it open in seconds and seemed very excited as she pulled the goods out of the bag and laid them on the sofa. I really hoped she would want my opinion about the red basque, so when she pulled it out of the bag and held it up, asking if I liked it, I nervously just nodded. Next was a black and white maid's outfit comprising of a bra, wide lacy suspender belt and a thong. My imagination was now running wild just picturing Carol wearing these outfits. Carol threw me a packet containing a pair of briefs or thong that looked like a tuxedo, along with a matching bow tie and said, “Try these for me; you're about the same build as Richard.” I said, “What?” “I will model these." She pointed at the basque and maid's outfit. "All I ask is that you model those for me, please.” Carol exclaimed. I said, “Are you serious?” She replied, “Just pop into the bathroom and slip those on. I need to know if they will look right on Richard.” I did as I was told and headed for the stairs up to the bathroom, followed by Carol who grabbed her goodies and headed into a bedroom. As I closed the door she said, “When you have them on, come into my bedroom so I can see what they look like on, please.” I stripped off and slipped on the sexy briefs I was told to wear, along with the bow tie. I felt almost naked as the back was only a thong that slipped right between my ass cheeks. I nervously left the bathroom and
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headed to the bedroom and knocked on the door. Carol said, “Come on in; you don’t need to knock.” I walked in very apprehensively and there stood Carol in the sexy maid's outfit which consisted of a lacy black and white bra, a matching wide suspender belt over a black thong and black stockings. My cock was swelling by the second at the sight of this gorgeous woman only a few feet in front of me. Carol said, “Well, what do you think, will Richard like this or the basque?” She pointed to the item which was laid out on the bed. I nervously said, “You look amazing,” and thinking on my feet, said, “I would need to see you in that one before I make my mind up.” She said, “Cheeky. I didn’t expect that from you! Turn your back and I will do a quick change. By the way, I love the pants. They look quite full though,” she said with a little chuckle. I turned around and within a couple of minutes Carol had swapped clothes and was ready for my opinion. I turned back and just stood open-mouthed, as she looked as sexy as any woman I had ever seen. The red basque, accompanied by a red thong and black stockings, looked amazing, She just said, “From your expression, I guess you prefer this one.” I just stood staring and nodded my approval. I could not take my eyes off her big firm tits that were clearly visible through the thin material. Her nipples were erect, very dark and looked ready to be sucked. I forgot where I was and who I was with for a second as my brain turned to custard. I took a pace forward and took her big breasts in my hands and kissed her full on the lips. Under normal circumstances, I should have expected a slap but she opened her mouth and our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths. Carol reached down and slipped her hand inside the pants and wrapped her hand around my already erect cock. With her other hand, she eased the pants down to my knees, giving her better access to my cock. We kissed for what seemed like ages, during which I managed to release her tits from her basque and continued to massage them. Carol then had a pang of guilt, stopped and let my cock go. She had moved back a pace
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and I now had the perfect view of her really large, firm tits. She said, “We can’t do this; it’s wrong. I am married and wouldn’t want to hurt Richard!” I said, “I don’t expect anything from you. I was just delivering your goods, and seeing you in your sexy outfits was a bonus, so thanks for that.” I still stood in her bedroom with my cock pointing upwards, the pants still around my knees and the tie around my neck, so I took them off and threw them onto the bed. I said, “I hope Richard looks good in them and loves your new lingerie." I was about to turn and leave when Carol said, “I want your cock. It’s much bigger than Richard's but I am not ready yet! Sit on the bed and I will give you a blow job as a thank-you.” I said, “You don’t have to do that. It's fine. I shall just go.” Carol said, “Just sit on the bed and enjoy the experience. I need to suck on that big cock.” I sat on the bed and the still-topless Carol knelt before me, allowing me access to her tits as she gave me a blow job that lasted for ages. She was amazing, licking and sucking my balls and all along the shaft, as well as deep throating me before I finally shot my load into her mouth. Stream after stream hit the back of her throat, and she swallowed without question. When I had finally finished, she licked me dry and then suggested I leave and that she would call me when she was ready to make love to me. I dressed and left, satisfied but slightly disappointed, but that would all change two weeks later when I had that call. The message was to get there ASAP, let myself in and go straight to her bedroom naked and ready for some serious lovemaking. I arrived at Carol’s house thirty minutes after receiving the message. My cock was already swollen and would not need much help to get erect. I slipped in through the back door and stripped in the bathroom, entering the bedroom naked and ready. There, I found Carol lying on the bed, also naked and with a shaven pussy. She patted the bed and told me to lie beside her; we were kissing in seconds and I was massaging her tits soon after. I moved on top of
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her and opened her legs; her pussy was already soaking as I slipped my cock deep into her very tight hole. Carol was expecting foreplay first but I needed to make love to her urgently. I pounded away at her pussy, placing her legs over my shoulders for better and deeper penetration. This brought on her first orgasm. I knew I could last for ages so after her first orgasm I pulled out and pushed my cock into her mouth, forcing her to suck on my cock and lick off her juices. Once my cock was clean I placed her on her knees, moved up behind her and pushed my cock back into her pussy in a doggy position. I was now using Carol as my plaything and she loved it. Carol soon had another two orgasms in quick succession and collapsed onto the bed with my cock still buried in her pussy. Carol was sweating and moaning, wanting more, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and, with her juices, I lubricated her little butt hole and pushed my cock between her ass cheeks. I expected her to tell me to stop, but instead she pulled her cheeks apart and said, “Go slowly; no one has been there before, so be gentle.” I pushed gently and soon my bell end was inside and being strangled by her little butthole muscles. I pushed on further until I had at least seven or eight inches inside her. I then slowly and gently built up the pace and was soon fucking her tight ass, bringing her to another orgasm as she fingered her own pussy. I was now getting ready to cum, pulled my cock from her ass and told her to get on her knees in front of me. Now I wanked my big, fat, wet cock inches from Carol’s pretty face, every few seconds pushing it into her open mouth, making her suck me. My first shot hit the back of her throat. I then pulled out as streams of hot cum splattered across her face and hair, and finally emptied my load over her big juicy tits, telling her to rub it all in. After shooting my last load, I pushed my cock back into her open mouth and told her to suck me dry, gently fucking her mouth as I held her head still. When I had no more left I pulled my cock
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out. I wiped it across her face, collecting some of the cum I had shot onto her face, and telling her to lick it off my cock which she did like a real whore. My cock was still quite swollen but needed some help to get back to a full erection. I didn’t know how far to push my luck, as I had treated Carol like my personal whore since I arrived, and she had played along. I picked Carol up and told her to clean up then put on her maid's outfit along with stockings and heels that she had recently purchased. Carol just said, “Yes sir.” I went down to the fridge, grabbed us a drink each, and found Carol sitting on the bed in the maid's outfit when I returned. We consumed our drinks before I pushed her back on the bed. I then knelt between her legs and, after moving her thong to one side, buried my tongue deep in her pussy, causing her to gasp. I licked and fingered her pussy until she had another massive orgasm that covered my face in her juices and caused her a big shudder in pleasure. I quickly removed her thong and replaced my tongue with my cock and once again pounded her pussy for ages. We changed places and positions a few times before she demanded I fill her pussy with my seed. This I did as she shuddered to another satisfying orgasm. Once I had finished emptying my balls, I pulled out and just lay on the bed, exhausted, alongside Carol. I said, “You were amazing and such a whore.” She replied, “Once you started I just played along, I really needed dirty sex and that’s just what you gave me.” She went on to say, “We can’t, and shouldn’t, do this, but I need to be wanted and abused every so often. So I will call you when I need you if that’s okay?” “That’s fine by me.” I replied, “Give me ten minutes; then you can give me a blow job before I go if that’s okay?” Carol just nodded and began wanking me back to another erection. She then covered my cock and balls in chocolate body paint, taking her time to lick it all off before sucking my cock, swallowing every last drop again. Afterward she complained that her jaw was aching through so much sucking. I left after lunch. Since that day, I
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acted as her slave every few weeks when she needed a good, hard fucking. Until I went to university, that is. There were other ladies who made it clear they wanted some fun whilst I delivered their goods, but that’s coming in my next adventure.
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